The following are resources recommended by dog behavior professionals across the globe.

"Providing resources for dog professionals, owners and animal welfare organizations."

With educational courses for dog owners and professionals, has become a go-to for common dog training needs! Check out the course catalog to decide if this is a good fit for you and your dog.


I Speak Dog

This site is filled with factual information about a variety of behaviors we commonly see in dogs. To learn more about what different body language indicates, why dogs behave in certain ways or to better your knowledge about dogs in general, click on the "learn more" button below!


Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Malena DeMartini is well known by professional dog trainers as the separation anxiety guru. Not only have her many many years of experience working with separation anxiety dogs provided her with a wealth of knowledge, they have provided her past and current students with an education like none other. For the most up-to-date information about separation anxiety, take some time to read through her website and follow her blogs.


Debbie Jacobs is a graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers and has been holding seminars about fearful dogs for many years now. Her approach to fearful dogs is inspiring and the support she provides for dog guardians is priceless.


Mental Enrichment

While physical exercise is great for most dogs, mental enrichment can prove to be even better! Dogs are scavengers and problem solvers. Naturally, they need a job. By clicking the "learn more" button, you'll be brought to a Pinterest board with countless ideas for activities to incorporate into your dog's life.