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Dogs love to explore- especially with their nose! You can rest easy knowing your dog will be exercised both physically and mentally while on their sniffari. Each walk will provide ample time for all of your dog’s errands, whether it be claiming trees or tracking rabbits.

  • 30 minute walks

    • 3 walks per week- $50 per week

    • 5 walks per week- $75 per week

  • 60 minute walks

    • 3 walks per week- $80 per week

    • 5 walks per week- $120 per week

  • Individual walks (custom schedule)

    • 30 minutes- $20

    • 60 minutes- $30

    • This option is for people who do not need a 3-5 walk per week recurring dog walking service. It is a great option if you have a handful of days each month or one day per week when a dog walker will be needed.

*Pricing is for up to two dogs living in the same household.


Meet your dog walker!

Emily Smith has a degree in Veterinary Technology but her passion of caring for animals has always been the cornerstone of her life. She grew up caring for the animals of her friends and family and now cares for two of her own as well; a beautiful Husky mix that may just be a lost coyote named Jinx and a trouble making Olde English Bulldogge named Olive. When Emily isn’t busy over-exciting cute dogs at work, she spends her time crafting and playing board games with friends or going on adventures in the woods with her furry kids.

Olive and Jinx

Olive and Jinx

*Extreme weather conditions will be taken into consideration. If it is too cold, hot, or rainy for a walk, time will be spent indoors playing games with bathroom breaks.

*All dogs must wear a harness for safety and security. Prong, shock, or choke collars will not be used during walks.

  • Harness recommendations:

    • Freedom No-Pull Harness

    • Easy Walk Harness

    • Ruff Wear Harness

  • Head Halter recommendations:

    • Gentle Leader

    • Halti

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