Let me do all the work! Day training is the perfect option if you are looking for someone to do the training for you. Unlike traditional in-home training and classes, day training allows you to have a trained dog with less work on your end. This package includes training in your home a few times a week while you are away or busy doing other things. I'll provide you with a weekly summary of our work and will meet with you for a transfer session to show you what we have been working on and how we do it so that you can continue to have success with your dog. The transfer sessions are necessary so that you can go on living your life while having peace of mind that your dog will continue to make progress.

Initial Consultation: I will come to your home for 1 hour and assess your dog. We will then come up with the best plan of action together. A consultation is required - $95

"Quick, Help Me!" Package: This package includes three hour-long training sessions, one transfer session, and one follow-up session. The package will be completed in one week. If you have a couple of basic behaviors you would like trained quickly, this is a great option for you! - $475

"Get It Done!" Package: This package includes six hour-long training sessions, two transfer sessions, and one follow-up session. The package will be completed in two weeks. If your dog needs help with a variety of basic behaviors, you've found the right package. - $800                    

"The Works" Package: This package includes twelve hour-long training sessions, four transfer sessions, and one follow-up session. It will be completed in one month. If you just brought home a new puppy or have a dog who is afraid of new people or dogs, this package is perfect for you. By signing up for this package, your dog and I will have the opportunity to tackle some of those behaviors that are difficult to live with or set your new puppy up for a successful life.  - $1,500